Bricks at 18 metres high

The need for speed: why modern construction methods are picking up pace in the UK.

The UK’s construction sector is currently witnessing the need for speed. The reason? A combination of shortages in construction skills, and the current crisis in the housing sector which has necessitated that projects are finished more quickly, and in many cases use a lower budget.

This has allowed more modern construction methods, including off-site construction, to flourish. As construction firms look for ways of meeting their deadlines at no sacrifice to build quality, and housing demand continues to escalate in the UK, we have seen a move away from traditional cavity construction to a range of newer techniques. Right at the top of this list is the use of brick slips.

Overcoming obstacles

While many construction firms have switched onto the benefits of brick and rainscreen cladding solutions, others may have been perturbed by the presence of certain restrictions. One of the primary restrictions is that the system options to use brick slips above 18m are very limited. However, there is one place to obtain a clay brick slip and an acrylic brick slip option for use above 18m – and that is right here at alsecco. Click here to see our full range (

Brick slips: The benefits

Back to the benefits of choosing a brick cladding solution for external wall insulation, over more traditional methods – for one thing, application in a factory environment, rather than on site, is conducive to a higher degree of quality control. It takes potential disruptors on an outdoor site, such as the weather, out of the equation. Brick slips are easily transported, and are also suitable for a range of refurbishments, as well as constructions from scratch.


Addressing the skills shortage

And then there is the lack of skills which threatens to handicap the construction sector in the UK. How do brick cladding solutions help? Again, it is down to the advantage of off-site construction in a factory environment, which typically requires fewer skills. Being able to complete more of the construction process using semi-skilled labour can only be a good thing for the pressurised UK construction sector presently.

Ample options

Flexibility looks to be another key factor in the rise of brick cladding solutions. There is a large range of finishes and colours which designers can take advantage of, offering a number of opportunities to mix and match when refurbishing. Our extensive range includes clay slips which are able to be married with contemporary, traditional and weathered design.

Inside or out

Brick cladding solutions don’t only work externally. They can also look the part in a number of retail, commercial and leisure environments, offering a traditional and distinctive brickwork look which can be part of a unique design. Then there is the advantage of a narrow profile which can help to save room in restricted spaces. Bricks are known for their durability and low maintenance, representing a savvy long term investment when it comes to building design and architecture. They also possess less combustibility than other materials, which can help to safeguard against incidents such as the Grenfell fire.


Your port of call for brick cladding

alsecco UK is the only cladding manufacturer that can offer both a clay brick slip and an acrylic brick slip option for use above 18m. The system is A-2 limited combustibility and offers 60-year life expectancy. Whether you are looking to use a mid or high rise light gauge steel frame above 18m for the installation of a brick external wall system, alsecco Ecomin 400 is the only certified system in the UK.

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