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Meldorfer Brick: Spot the difference

Offering a stunning alternative to traditional clay brick, Meldorfer brick combines advanced construction technology with skilled, artisan workmanship to create beautiful bricks which are also highly functional. Whether you are considering a new project which will be constructed entirely from Meldorfer, or have an existing structure which needs to be repaired, restored or upgraded, this brick has the capacity to get the job done. When you opt for Meldorfer brick, you can expect to enjoy the following advantages:

Colour matched to suit your requirements

One of the major benefits of using Meldorfer brick is that batches can be colour matched to blend perfectly with the brickwork you already have in place, even if it’s weathered. The exceptional colour match capabilities of the range mean that it’s ideal for use on restoration projects, where a historic or original appearance is required. The brick can be used to complete spot repairs, or to cover entire walls or other expanses.

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Lightweight brick with no commensurate loss of strength

Meldorfer bricks are thinner than traditional options, measuring just 4-6mm each. This means that they weigh far less than most other bricks – a perfect option for structures that may not support heavier options safely. Although the bricks are lighter than average, they have all the durability and longevity of a standard brick, ensuring a finished result that’s built to last.

Quick and easy to install – ideal for insulated cladding systems or to replicate brick

Designed for fast, hassle-free installation, Meldorfer brick doesn’t require specialist skills and can be used alongside other roofing systems. Because it can be assembled quickly, cost savings can be made when it comes to labour costs.

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Low maintenance bricks from Meldorfer

Not only are the bricks economical to install, once in place they require minimal maintenance in order to stay in top condition. Largely immune to temperature changes and the effects of moisture, the bricks are also unaffected by UV light and are built to minimise the risk of vegetation growing on them. This means maintenance costs are far less than you might find when other materials are used.

Meldorfer Brick – exclusively available from alsecco

The Meldorfer factory in Nindorf, Germany, has been producing artisan bricks for more than forty years. No two bricks are alike, which is why a Meldorfer installation has an authentic, individual appearance that’s always engaging. The production process is subject to strict quality control at every stage, which is why Meldorfer bricks are widely recognised as some of the best you’ll find anywhere.




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