A feast of finishes – Creative facades, and thinking outside of the white rendered box


There’s a thin line between striking minimalism and an unfinished appearance. With the industry  https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/sep/03/uk-construction-builders-brexit-uncertainty” faced with mounting challenges, companies are increasingly forced to make more out of less. This can require a creative approach to time and budgetary management, strong-arming clients and contractors alike into unattractive compromises; with aesthetics often giving way to practical utility.

While a drive for quality in every aspect of a build is important, giving the overall façade of a building due care is essential. Your design signposts your company’s commitment to quality, makes clients and residents aware of your brand identity and provides valuable benefits to the integrity of the building.

So, how can choosing a creative façade improve the tangible and intangible elements your build and what are some examples that show what can be accomplished?

What is a creative facade?

A façade is the exterior or front-facing element of any building. Often described as being responsible for the ‘tone’ of your structure, a creative façade is often more memorable than the interiors of the building itself. Consider the elegant curves of Gaudi’s Casa Mila or the brutalist beauty of Lasdun’s National Theatre. Selecting the right creative façade provides the final brushstroke for your build, unifying your design and consolidating its identity.

However, focusing on appearances does not compromising on their function.

Many modern façades are constructed with utility in mind, providing protection for the property, residents and helping out with energy efficiency. The best in field can be applied to builds that are not only undergoing construction but as a retrofit to an older structure. This gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to marrying appearance and performance; letting you favour one, while still receiving all the benefits of the other.

What are some popular examples?

At alsecco we specialise in a range of facades that suit a wide range of client tastes from professional workspaces, residential properties, and bespoke builds. Two of our most popular types of cladding are rainscreen and insulated facades, with each option carrying a range of features that can be customised to fit your unique needs without any need for compromise.

Our selection of rainscreen facades provide a crisp, modern look to any property. Glass options allow for increased airflow to help with temperature regulation and protect the surface of the building, aiding evaporation and proper drainage. If glass is not a solid fit for your build we also work with prefabricated stone panelling with a lightweight concrete base – making it lighter than conventional slabs and available in a range of options including limestone, sandstone, granite and more. We also enjoy a range of options from large cast ceramics, high-performance materials such as concrete. We also offer a selection of novel photovoltaics that deploy glass composites and electrical panelling to allow your company to help meet your needs when it comes to energy generation.

Examples of these this can be seen in our recent work on Farringdon Station and Enderby Wharf in Greenwich village on the Thames.


Our range of external wall insulation provides additional options when it comes to refining your build. Depending on your required look, these can be deployed through a render system, which combines resilience and permeability; allowing for cost-effectiveness and performance. If fire risks and durability are chief concerns, brick and ceramic facades can be deployed in a range of styles and colours; combining a striking finish with ETICS A2 grade fire resistance. The ceramics can be deployed in a range of coloured, tiled finishes that allow for a striking appearance – providing low, cost, low maintenance, sustainable protection. Brickwork also carries a traditional look that is unique to our current selection and is the only system certified with a clay slip finish that is safe for purpose for builds of 18m and above.

This is covered in work that we undertook with projects in our energy efficiency driven build project for Dundee City Council  for render work and Alumno Student Accommodation in Leamington Spa.



What do I do now?

If you want to learn more about our extensive range of creative finishes, you can view our complete range online here, including modular approaches to builds and a range of detailing options for paint and plasterwork. Or if you want to learn more about how we can tailor your façade to your chosen design, please do not hesitate to contact our in-house team directly and let us know exactly what you need to make your project truly unique.





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