Introducing… Modulo by alsecco

At alsecco, we specialise in the development, design, and manufacture of products that help you to create iconic facades and beautiful interiors. Seeking to provide innovation, sustainability, and creativity in one, our collection includes systems to suit every architectural style, performance requirement, and budget.

That’s why we’re proud to unveil the latest addition to our portfolio: our Modulo natural stone panels. Crafted to create elegant and on-trend stonework aesthetic, our range promises to revolutionise the whole idea of interior styling.


Bringing the beauty of natural materials into your home, the collection primarily takes its inspiration from the stark and intricate loveliness of stonework, but we’ve done our utmost to expand it so that it appeals to all palettes. This means that alongside our standard offerings, we also have a range of woodwork options for you to pick from.

Each of the designs in our range has been created with authenticity in mind, meaning that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between our chic and stylish panels and traditional brick and wood walls. The one important variation between the two is that our Modulo collection can be installed with minimal difficulty.


Crafted to make improving your interior easier than it’s ever been before, our panels are lightweight and simple to install. Applied using either ancillary adhesive or our unique self-adhesive strips, they ensure optimal ease and efficiency and can be fitted by even the most amateur DIY enthusiast.

Despite this, the result is one that looks entirely professional. Transforming the room around so that it better fits in with your unique style, our panels allow you to recreate everything from the rustic charm of a country kitchen through to the more industrial aesthetic of repurposed warehouses.

It is not only our product that impresses. Believing that economy and excellence need not be mutually exclusive, we ensure that our prices are competitive too. Starting at just £23.99 per square metre, it’s possible to change the entire appearance of your home without breaking the bank.


In keeping with this commitment to putting the customer first, we try to ensure that your experience with us is as positive and enjoyable as possible. Passionate about our products, we have a wonderful team on hand to help, who are always willing to answer any questions or queries you might have.

If you’re looking for a way to uplift your interior and enhance the aesthetic of your home, why not consider whether our beautiful brickwork panels could create the look you desire? Visit our modulo by alsecco site to view our full product range or call us on 01785 818998 to arrange an appointment.




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