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Tower Bridge, London

Cladding comes in all types of materials and for this project, we were able to showcase alsecco Airtec. Airtec natural stone ventilated rain-screen cladding system.
Bridge Master’s House is a new office building adjacent to Tower Bridge, London. Given its close proximity to this historical icon, it needed to blend into the surroundings and planners had stipulated it must have a Portland Stone finish. The Airtec natural stone system seemed ideal.
It was selected as a technical solution for providing a lightweight alternative to traditional masonry, with the desired aesthetic to match. In total, 200m2 of Airtec stone system was installed.
On the extended part of the project, which included the old Victorian Bridge Master’s House, we also clad the building with the alsecco Airtec rain-screen cladding system, giving a Portland Stone appearance to the façade as specified.
The Airtec stone ventilated rain-screen cladding panels consist of an 8-10mm top layer of natural stone on a lightweight concrete base no more than 19mm thick. This helps to keep the panels from becoming too heavy. Even large panels up to 7.7m2 can be used on the system without any visible fixing elements. It is a stylish and practical solution.