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Joint Services Centre


Airtec Stone
For a lightweight solution, Airtec stone is chosen by many architects. Not only is it a practical choice, but it is also easy to fit without any visible fixings for a sleek finish.
alsecco Airtec stone was specified by ICE Architects for a new multi-million-pound project in Wigan, officially known as the Joint Services Centre (JSC).
Airtec stone granite luxor panels were chosen for the rain-screen cladding on the upper levels of the building, while Alprotect stone XL was used as an integrated plinth course at the base of the building. This sophisticated and high-tech finish not only looks exactly as the designer envisaged but also provides a high-impact and durable finish to the building.
The Airtec stone ventilated rain-screen system removes many of the technical and structural constraints affecting natural stone thanks to its lightweight properties. The composite panel consists of a stone veneer 5-10mm thick bonded to a lightweight aerated clay concrete base. The panel is up to 60% lighter than solid natural stone and is equally suitable for refurbishment projects as it is new build. It also has a unique, contemporary finish.