Stunning stone cladded buildings across the globe

Across the globe we are seeing stunning new architectural offerings springing up. Here, we will introduce you to what we think are some of the top stunning stone cladded building designs across the world. From smart new builds to historic landmarks, which are enhancing countries across the globe. Empire...

Airtec Stone, Bridge Master's House, Stone


Architects love…..gadgets and gizmos

We know architects love great design, smart solutions and interesting products. And who doesn't love gadgets and gizmos? If you're looking for gifts for architects or you fancy something fun that will make your life that little bit easier, we've taken a look at some of the best new products out there. Bendi...



Bamboozled by Bamboo

Versatile, efficient and stronger than you might think, bamboo has gone from a little-known material to an on-trend building product in no time. When it comes to using attractive, aesthetic and effective building materials, you can't go wrong with this fast-growing grass. Whether you're looking to...

Bamboo, Eco Friendly, Green


Home Office Spaces

So you’re building a home office? Here’s everything you need to know!   Not everyone is lucky enough to work from home, instead, it’s a luxury that far too few get to enjoy. However, if you do have the chance to work from home and build your own home office, you might as well make the most...

Comfort, Design

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