2018 Trends in Modern Workspace Design

Employers recognise that, in the modern era, workers need far more than just a phone and desk to thrive within the office environment. Maintaining and retaining an engaged workforce is critical to business culture and there’s a distinct correlation between workplace satisfaction and employee engagement. Emerging modern workspace design trends for 2018 and beyond are increasingly based upon meeting employees’ psychological needs and...

Design, workspace

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Summary of the Interim Hackitt Report on Fire Safety Issued in December 2017

The Hackitt Enquiry is an independent review of building regulations and fire safety, commissioned in July 2017 in the wake of the disaster at Grenfell Tower, London. The Hackitt Report issued in December 2017 is an Interim Report which presents the initial findings of Dame Hackitt and her team, and is particularly focused on high-rise buildings for residential use. This initial report feeds into a further report which will focus upon these findings...

combustibility, fire safety, Grenfell Tower

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001 – Rockwool

Combustible Materials on High Rise Buildings

alsecco’s supply chain partner Rockwool discuss the growing concerns regarding using combustible materials on high-rise buildings. NEW POLLING DATA CONFIRMS CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS OVERWHELMINGLY SUPPORT BANNING COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS ON HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS. • 74 percent of construction industry professionals believe that using combustible materials on mid, high-rise and sensitive buildings should be banned. • Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) believe...

combustibility, fire safety, Grenfell Tower, rockwool

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Making Waves with Aquatecture

Making Waves with Aquatecture Faced with rising costs, reduced options for new builds, and the increased difficulty of planning for the future, companies and prospective renters or homeowners find themselves in difficult times. With adversity producing opportunity, the burgeoning field of Aquatecture is making huge headway as an attractive alternate proposition for companies looking for opportunities in the market, or individuals looking for a...

Aquatecture, Architecture, Off-Site

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Shipping containers: the future of UK housing

The use of shipping containers in housing projects has surged in popularity over the last few years as a result of the fact that these containers are ideal as a building material. They are strong, can be stacked, and are easier to move than traditional homes. As well as all of this, the push for sustainability and green living is something that is part of the wider conversation in society nowadays, and using shipping containers adds to this conversation. Cargotecture...

Quirky, Shipping Containers

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Building paints manufacturer swoops prestigious sustainability prize

An innovative building paints manufacturer, operating in the UK as alsecco, has been awarded a prestigious sustainability prize for its work on addressing future climate challenges. The company, known for its sustainable and climate-friendly approach, took the top spot from a field of hundreds of entrants in the medium-sized companies category of the German Sustainability Award 2018. “As a driver of innovation, the company is a fine example...

DAW Group, Paint, Sustainability

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What is next for Solar PV? Has the sun set on BIPV?

Photovoltaic systems, also known as solar power or PV systems, have been gaining popularity for years. These specialised power systems are designed to integrate into building envelopes in place of more conventional forms of building materials, and provide or a viable alternative source of energy. Solar energy is renewable, efficient, and eco-friendly. It’s a great addition to skylights, roofs, and facades as a means of ensuring a building...

Energy Efficiency, photovoltaic, Sustainability

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There’s More to Bricks than Mortar

Today, life seems to be on fast forward and we can be forgiven for not truly appreciating the changes within the Building Industry and how things have really progressed and altered to accommodate our ever-expanding needs. Throughout centuries, Construction industry has been a huge contender in evolving. From mud huts to high-rises, societies needs have forced dramatic changes; yet one the oldest, most important material is still a key ingredient...

Brick, Brickslips, Clay Brick, Engineer Bricks

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Stone – a timeless construction material

Stone is the most widely used construction material in the world. But why? What makes it so popular? What are the best examples of its use? Where is the future of stone construction heading? Here’s our guide on everything you need to know. What makes stone such a popular material? There are a number of reasons why stone has become probably the most fundamental construction material on earth. After all, there are literally thousands of buildings...

Airtec Stone, Stone

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Colorful acrylic ink in water isolated on white. Abstract background. Color explosion

How can colour psychology be used to good effect in design and architecture?

Colour psychology is often thought of for its use in company branding, logo design, and interior design, but there are many applications. In choosing colours for a brand, for example, companies want their chosen colours to reflect their personality, and to evoke certain feelings in their target market; though, it’s more about choosing the right colours that fit with how the brand wants to be perceived than it is about choosing a colour that will...

Architecture, Paint, Paint Technology

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What is next for energy efficiency in the UK?

Well-meaning government schemes like the “Green Deal” have attempted to change this, but have led nowhere. Millions of homes are difficult to cold-proof in a cheap and effective way, and hundreds of thousands of Brits now live in fuel poverty. It’s clear that the government needs to take substantive action. In this article, we will take a look at what the problems are and how they can begin to be solved. The problems we face Back in the 1970’s,...

Eco Friendly, Energy Efficiency

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Sustainability in building design

It is both a legal and an ethical requirement that contemporary buildings are not only created using sustainable materials but also designed to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. To deliver a sustainable building, careful consideration needs to be given to every aspect of the project to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximal sustainability. From the use of recycled materials through to energy efficiency, sustainable resourcing...

Eco Friendly, Facade, Sustainability

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