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Rookery Building

Ruskin College, Oxford

Airtec Stone
We were thrilled to be a key part of this £7.2 million extension, which featured Airtec stone for a stylish, contemporary and practical finish.
alsecco Airtec ventilated rain-screen façade has been installed as part of Penoyre and Prasad’s new extension to the Rookery building at Ruskin College, Oxford. The project consolidates the college’s campus – which was previously split across two sites – into one.
Specified for its lightweight nature, the Airtec stone panels are up to 60% lighter than 40mm-thick stone-work. To support such a vast dead-load on vertical surfaces, the substructure must be incredibly robust and consequently, it is difficult to achieve.
However, alsecco Airtec system weighs just 37–42kg/m2, reducing the need for extensive support structures. The composite panel consists of a 5–10mm thick stone veneer bonded to a lightweight aerated clay concrete base. In total, 1,200m2 of the stone rain-screen cladding system was used in Limestone Palais finish by architects Penoyre and Prasad on the Rookery building
Brackets used to support the rain-screen cladding were installed with isolation pads to prevent any cold bridging within the system. Using a combination of minimum joints, corner and lintel details, the cladding system gives the effect of solid stone.