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South London

Basic 1
We have worked on a lot of energy efficient homes, and this ambitious project in the London Borough of Southwark was no exception.
Funded by one of the UK’s first and largest ECO contracts, the project scope was to install external wall insulation on 40 mid-rise blocks of flats in Southwark at multiple locations around the borough.
Southwark Council had identified that many of its residents were suffering from fuel poverty, particularly those living in solid wall and HTT properties, which is a large proportion of their housing stock. The borough-wide scheme, covering Bermondsey, Rotherhithe and Peckham areas, has included a full range of energy saving measures delivered by Lawtech, the principal contractor.
Our external wall insulation system was identified for the project as a cost-free solution for the energy-saving measures, having scoped the project and secured the ECO funding from British Gas. The property is a solid-wall construction spanning around 60,000m2.
We welcome the funding and works delivered by British Gas in partnership with the council’s major works team.
Cabinet Member for Housing
For the refurbishment, our Basic 1 external wall insulation system was installed, utilising thermally efficient grey expanded polystyrene as the insulant. All the blocks have been finished in a robust white silicone top coat with a grey coloured render being used for aesthetic reasons for high traffic areas at the bases of the blocks.
The installation across these 40 blocks has not only provided the many families with more energy efficient homes but has also completely transformed the exteriors of the blocks, which has helped enhance the different neighbourhoods in the borough.