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Bamboozled by Bamboo

Versatile, efficient and stronger than you might think, bamboo has gone from a little-known material to an on-trend building product in no time. When it comes to using attractive, aesthetic and effective building materials, you can’t go wrong with this fast-growing grass. Whether you’re looking to add an addition to an existing property, erect a temporary structure or create something entirely new, choosing bamboo for use in construction...

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The outlook for Passivhaus

Passivhaus is an energy-efficient building standard that has been around for over 25 years and is becoming increasingly popular in our sustainable era. Passivhaus buildings don’t require any form of heating other than supply-air heating via their ventilation systems, and are built to the exacting standards developed by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany. Passivhaus buildings use very little energy for heating or cooling, yet provide high...

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Sustainable materials for architecture

The use of sustainable materials in architectural construction projects is becoming increasingly popular in 2018. From the creation of soil-based structures, such as adobe buildings, to repurposed materials, architecture is embracing the diversity and affordability offered by the use of sustainable materials. Cross laminated timber, photovoltaic glass for new buildings, repurposed and reclaimed materials are all used more widely in contemporary...

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What is next for energy efficiency in the UK?

Well-meaning government schemes like the “Green Deal” have attempted to change this, but have led nowhere. Millions of homes are difficult to cold-proof in a cheap and effective way, and hundreds of thousands of Brits now live in fuel poverty. It’s clear that the government needs to take substantive action. In this article, we will take a look at what the problems are and how they can begin to be solved. The problems we face Back in the 1970’s,...

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Sustainability in building design

It is both a legal and an ethical requirement that contemporary buildings are not only created using sustainable materials but also designed to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. To deliver a sustainable building, careful consideration needs to be given to every aspect of the project to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximal sustainability. From the use of recycled materials through to energy efficiency, sustainable resourcing...

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