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China Centre Building

Oxford University, Oxford

Airtec Stone
The Airtec stone system not only provides an innovative façade, but it can also have the aesthetic look required thanks to its natural buff-coloured sandstone appearance.
Airtec natural stone ventilated cladding system was specified for the Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre Building in the grounds of St Hugh’s College.
A total of 1300m2 of Airtec stone panels were used for the building’s façade. Two natural stone finishes were used – Limestone Palais, a white limestone with shell content and Sandstone Blaxter, a buff-coloured sandstone from Northumbria. The result was exactly as intended, with a subtle and natural aesthetic to the exterior that provided a unique look with high-tech, innovative façade systems.
Our design aspiration was for the building to observe its Oxford setting, where traditional stone buildings have weathered to a lighter colour. We required a traditional material to be used in a contemporary way, and the Airtec stone rainscreen system provided this.
Mark Davies, Associate at David Morley Architects
It offered an intriguing finish to the exterior, with contrasting tones and shades of colour that gave areas of the building renewed interest and diversity. It also offered a thermally-efficient, weathertight solution that would keep the building secure for years to come.

Our multi-layered Ecomin 300 system incorporates mineral wool insulation, which offers a high level of reinforcement. On an aesthetic level, it can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of finishes, textures and colours for a professional, sleek finish.